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Fading Away (PG, LotR, E/G, English)

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Fading Away (PG, LotR, E/G, English) Empty Fading Away (PG, LotR, E/G, English)

Viesti kirjoittaja DimaStorm lähetetty 26.07.08 11:55

Title: Fading Away
Author: Dima
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Rating: PG
Summary: Erestor cannot live without Glorfindel.
Author’s Note: Written from Erestor’s view, of course (why did I say
that, ‘cause it’s obvious?
at least to me..) at the beginning. POV changes later.
Beta: Mexica. My genious friend.
Feedback: Lovin' it.

Fading Away

‘When the arrow pierced your heart, I felt pure agony.

When your heart stopped beating, mine felt lonely.

When those sapphire eyes lost their awareness, their light, their
passion, I lost mine.

The pyre burns, but the flames don’t warm my body.

I’m so cold.

I feel so alone.

They are talking to me, but I do not hear.

They are trying to help me, but it is too late.

They know it.

I’m cold, I want your arms around me to warm me.

I miss the feel of your hair, golden and like silk.

I miss your strenght.

I’m working, I always keep waiting for you to come to me with a tray
and say I work too hard.

Now, I’m tired.

Too tired to get out of our rooms, out of our bed.

I feel only cold.

They brought me blankets, I know my lips are blue.

I’m shaking.

I cannot open my eyes.

I know they are around me, but I cannot move.

I feel my heartbeat slowing down.

It slows down every two hours, I’ve counted it.

I still hear them talking to me, to each other.

In few hours Arien will set, and Ithil rise.

I wont see Arien and feel the rays ever again.

It is over.

I’m coming to you, my love.

We will be together again, for all eternity.’

Elrond lowered his head in defeat. Tears fell to his robes, his hand
was still clutching Erestor’s cold hand. Hand, that would not aid him
with correspondence anymore.

Elladan and Elrohir sat at the end of the bed, hand in hand, both
shedding tears for their beloved mentor. Arwen sat at Erestor’s other
side, face hidden in her hands.

First, they had lost Glorfindel. Always so happy and energetic Balrog
Slayer fell from an orc arrow. Nothing could have been done, he had
died right away. Elladan and Elrohir had had their hardest task, to
bring the Elda home.

Erestor’s heart broke then. It broke at the same second as the light
vanished from his husband’s eyes at the borders. Seeing his beloved
broken and cold had been the final straw.

Erestor’s pyre burns and consumes his broken body, the shell his
spirit occupied for centuries.
Everyone is quiet, but only few are shedding tears. Only few knew
what kind of elf he used to be.
Kind, understanding, wise, he could make you shrink under his dark
gaze, he could make you laugh, he could be angry at you and make you
run away, he could come to you and comfort you, sit with you a whole

Strongest spirit in whole Imladris, was broken by the same arrow,
that broke the Balrog Slayer.

There is left but ashes, nearly all have left. But those, who knew
Erestor, remain.
Elrond smiles fondly, they both are in peace now, both Erestor and
Glorfindel, are at peace.

“All you saw, from all ages.
Lot you felt, from edge to edge.
One feeling took you home to the warm embrace of love.

That feeling shall warm you again.
Wrap you in a warm cover.
And there to hold to the light and to happiness again.

Sun you loved but Moon you cherised.
Sat and smiled beneath the stars.
He sat with you and held you tight, never to let go.

Here you watched the years go pass.
Alone you stood by our side.
Then you found the love of your life and you smiled so brightly.

Cruel is the world and cruel is the life.
And you faced that cruelty too many times.
The final deed of cruelty of the world was too much for you to bear.

Be at peace my friend of old.
Find the smile back to your face.
Wait for us on the shores, when the waves bring us there.”

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