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Requiem for a dream (AU, R/NC-17, English, hockey) ei jatku

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Requiem for a dream  (AU, R/NC-17, English, hockey) ei jatku Empty Requiem for a dream (AU, R/NC-17, English, hockey) ei jatku

Viesti kirjoittaja DimaStorm lähetetty 06.08.08 12:49

Title: Requiem for a dream
Author: Dima
Rating: R/NC-17
Characters: Marian Hossa, various hockey players, short appearance of Marian’s family
Warnings: Magic, death, violence, slash
Summary: World is in war. Continent of North America is split in two. West is on upper hand, and small East is suffering. Eastern leader, Commander Lemieux is trying hard to stop the West overrunning Eastern bases and to find the only thing that can help them, but he can’t do both at the same time. He needs help from the Russians, the ancient tribe with remarkable source of power and knowledge about magic. Only thing is, the Russians have disappeared. Is there anyone who could detect the Russians, the masters of hiding?
A/N: Definitely AU
Beta: capshockeygrl, Nemesis


'How did I end up into a windowless little cubicle with someone who
never shuts up? Long story. I think I killed my parents and my
brother. I was ten years old when my brother died on my arms. They
found me with him and our dead parents around us. They started blaming
me and then everything went black. I don't remember when I came to,
but I wasn't at the safety of our Czechoslovakian home. All because I
wasn't normal to them…'

Marian Hossa sat on his bed by the window, musing about this life. His
lover snored softly behind him as Marian stared at the stars when the
dawn was breaking. He didn't hear his lover's snoring to stop and he
almost jumped out of his skin when warm hands started traveling up
from his hips to his chest and down his stomach. Marian dropped his
head against his lover's shoulder.


The other man kissed his temple and rubbed his sides, making Marian
purr like a cat. A flash of light drew his attention soon away from
his lover.

"Daz, did you see that?"


"A flash. A big one."


"Doubt it. Wanna go to watch sunrise to the park?"

"It's cold there. And here's perfectly warm. I'm content where I am."

Marian sighed, but kept watching outside. Soon a bright flash of red
and white illuminated the park nearby. This time Daz had seen it too.

"Kids are playing with fireworks."

"Then where is the noise?"

Daz seemed to realize the same thing and he crawled out of the bed.
Something golden flew across the park and gleaming purple exploded.
Marian kept staring as Daz pulled his jeans on.

"Are you coming or not?"

"Now you suddenly want to go?" Marian asked and reached for his shirt.
Daz just grimaced and hurled Marian's jeans at him.

They headed towards the park and heard some noises. Swooshing
sounds, metallic wheezes and human noises. Someone yelled and bright
laughter drowned it. They hid behind the trees and tried to locate the
commotion. The battling sounds were at them before they realized.

Two dark-haired men backed away from three others. One of them was
young girl, probably a 16-year-old. They sent whirling red-white and
purple figures towards the couple. Both raised their hands and from
their palms exploded a golden dusty disc that reflected the figures
back at their senders. Marian and Daz glanced at each other and before
Daz could open his mouth, the girl noticed him.

"Daz, run!"

Daz managed to get to his feet, but no further when a purple spray of
sparkles hit him and he fell backwards.

"Daz! No!"

Marian fell to his knees and cradled his lover's head in his hands.
Daz's eyes were empty and [sure Marian did know when someone was
dead.] He let out a pained cry and the dark-haired men finally noticed
them. Marian opened his right hand and on his palm was icy blue light
ball. It grew as he stared at Daz' eyes and the ball was launched off
his hand, hitting the girl squarely to her chest, dropping her to the
ground. Dead.

When he realized what he had done, he quickly scrambled to his feet and fled.

The other four men continued the battle, until the tallest one made a
golden dust start blowing towards the assaulters and the bigger
silvery blobs transformed into slivers of steel and the younger
looking man was pierced by them.

"Valtteri, no! You fucking son of a bitch!"

He grabbed Valtteri by his waist and tried to reach for the girl, but
she was too far. In a flash of red, they were gone.

"Colby. I think she killed an innocent bystander. Come over here. I
think he is not one of us."

"Sidney, I'm more worried about the one who 'maybe' accidentally
killed the girl. He got very upset, because that blast was strong."

"Where did he go?"

"You go find him. Maybe he came from those buildings over there, I
guess they have a straight view. I'll inform headquarters. I hate the
ones who can teleport and when they do, they always bring their
friends to the party…" Colby ranted while he dug a walkie-talkie from
his pocket. He bent down to take a closer look at the girl.

Her lips were blue and her still-open eyes rolled back. Her throat was
a bit swollen and dark. Whatever the stranger's power was, it
certainly was lethal.

"Colby here. I have a report."

"Then please, share it." The deep voice on the other end sounded bored.

"Josef, I'd like to direct it straight to the commander."

"Well, you can't at the moment. Now tell me what happened. Tenkrat
already told me there was a fight. He's on the line with Sidney."

"Boumedienne, you are pain in the ass, but anyway. Three westerns
attacked us. Two men and a teenage girl. The girl was damn powerful,
strongest of them. We were going to fall back, until she spotted
bystanders and killed one of them. The other man got really upset and
killed the girl."


"Blast something blue at her chest. She looks like she would have been
suffocated, but it happened very quickly. I think she never even
realized what was happening. She was dead when she hit the ground."

"Who was he?"

"I don't know. Sidney said the dead guy wasn't one of us. And people
like us don't usually deal with them."

"Unusual. And the guys you faced?"

"I mortally wounded the younger one of them. I think his name was
Valtteri or something..."

"Valtteri Filppula. I've heard of him. Finnish too."

"The third one teleported them away, but they left the girl."

"I'll send Brodeur to get her away before people come to the park."

"Okay, thanks Josef."

Sidney stood at the gate of the park. There were flats in three
different directions.

"Tenkrat, Sidney here again. He really took [French leave]. And I
really don't know where he went. At least a hundred apartments. Flats.
I could never locate him from here. Can you use the area scan?"

On the other end, Tenkrat took a good look at the virtual table map.
Different colored spots showed the location of all of them, but it
wasn't very accurate yet. Tenkrat put down his walkie-talkie and ran
his hand over the area that showed the label 'Sidney Crosby'. A little
trail of blue went straight forward from the young man.

"Sidney, can you hear me? He went to the flat right in front of you. I
see a faint echo of the power. Blue?"

"Blue yes. Alright. Anything more accurate?"

"Sid, not in a million years. This is not accurate yet. Use your
brain, or if you can't, ask Colby."

"You know Colby is even dumber."

"That's why you two are together. Dumb and dumber, you know."

"Fuck off, Tenkrat." Sidney silenced his walkie-talkie and put it
away. He was certain they lived in the park side of the building. He
heard talking behind him and glanced back. Brodeur had arrived to get
the girl out of the park. Colby ran to catch Sidney.

"Where did he go? Or did you lose him?"

"Straight ahead. I never saw him do anything else but bolt away with
that horrified look on his face. I wonder if he even knew what

"Let's go."

They climbed the stairs wondering which apartment he had fled to. At
the third floor, Sidney stopped on his tracks in front of one door.
The small sign on the mailing slot said Hossa. Colby yanked the door
before Sidney could stop him. The door opened.

"Why wasn't it locked?" Colby whispered and the other covered his
mouth in order to silence him.

They sneaked in and noticed that it was the right place. From the door
was a clear view to the living room. The man with reddish blond hair
was huddled against the opposite wall, face hidden in his hands.
Sidney walked closer and heard him sobbing. He carefully sat down. He
knew the man had heard him.

Marian heard steps from the stairs, heard them stopping to his door,
yanking it open. If they were to kill him, he had no objections. If he
was to die now, he was ready. He was lost.

"She just killed him. Just killed him. She... she was just a kid."

Marian saw her face with that feral gleam in her eyes in his eyes all
over again.

"I thought I was the only one... I killed her. Please don't tell me I
killed her... She was..."

"What do you mean, only one?"

"Are you going to take me back? I've been like normal people. I just
accidentally killed her. I accidentally killed again..."


"I think..." he paused. "They blamed me... They said I killed my
brother, that I killed my parents..."

Sidney paled and glanced Colby, who stood in the doorway looking just
as shocked. Where had he been and what had really happened to him if
he was forced to live like 'normal people'?

"You can tell me what happened. We won't hurt you or anything. We'll
listen. We are like you, you know."

"Killers, or weirdos?" The question was childlike and made Sidney
think how young he had been.

"Not killers. Not killers like her. Tell us what happened."

"I came home. Whole house was quiet. I went to the fireplace room.
They lay on the floor. My parents were dead. My little brother
Marcel... He was still alive. Coughing up blood. He... he tried to
talk. Said something about bright light and nasty, ear hurting sound.
Then he died."

He hiccupped and dried his eyes to his sleeve.

"They came into the house very shortly. I was still sitting there,
crying, not knowing what to do. They knew me. They knew I wasn't
normal, because my parents had told them what I could do when I was
little. They blamed me. Said I killed them. Said I can't stay in the
country any longer. Then everything went black."

He lifted his face and looked at them with bright bluish-green eyes.

"I woke up in a little cubicle. No windows. Just a small door, heavy,
made of oak, two beds. That was all. The other boy in the room... He
talked all the time. I didn't understand English back then. He just
talked on and on. Never shutting up. Even in his sleep. First years...
I kept shutting Jason out and just thinking about the reason for me
being there. I thought I really killed them. The non-stop talking...
Made me insane."

He was more talking to himself now, digging the old memories up.

"I accepted the fact that it was the murder of my parents that had
brought me there. I started slowly learning English, as I really tried
and Jason noticed I wasn't American. He still talked a lot, but now
his talking was slower and I found myself answering. I was 20 when
they let me out. Taught me what I needed to know and swore to get me
back if I used my powers again. This time, they wouldn't let me out."

Sidney noticed Colby kept his walkie-talkie open and knew someone else
heard it too.

"Alright. Well, my name is Sidney and this is Colby. We will take you
to our place, if you are afraid they will come to get you."

"I'm Marian. I just wanna out of here. Just, don't take me to that
place. I don't want to go there..."

"Don't worry. We won't take you there. We swear to you."

Sidney stood up and offered his hand to Marian, who grabbed it and let
himself be pulled up. Colby walked to his other side and patted
Marian's back. Marian locked the door behind them and followed them

They spent the whole journey explaining what was going on in the world
to Marian, who had some difficulties understanding. Sidney and Colby
felt like they were explaining things to a child instead of an adult.

"Please, Marian. You've gotta understand. We don't know the exact
reason why the West is doing this, but if we want to live, we need to
fight back. If they catch you, begging for mercy isn't gonna help, you
saw it. There's got to be deeper reasons, but we are not aware of
them. They are closing in from the North, Ottawa and Montreal being
the first targets. And the scouts... They get closer and closer. Every
week they get closer."

"Lecavalier's troop got ambushed by the Westerns three days ago.
Richards and Prospal died, many of them were injured. And, from what I
heard, that group that attacked us was the same. There were more,
but... Maybe I should leave it to Christina tell you the juicy
parts... Or just shut up." Colby trailed off as Sidney glared at him
past Marian.

"Here we are. Get inside." Sidney said and pressed his hand against
the broken window of one old building. The doorway became transparent
and they stepped through it. On the other side, there was a huge
staircase that led deep underground.

"You went literally underground then." Marian said as they started
descending the stairs.

"Did you just make a joke?" Colby asked.

"Maybe I did."

The huge doors opened before them at the end of the stairs, revealing
a hall where you could have easily had two or three jumbo jets. The
ceiling wasn't high, and there were hundreds of pillars and rooms and
other stairs, sofas, tables, bookcases... Marian knew his mouth was
hanging open, but the sight made him speechless.

"Impressive, eh?"

"You betcha..." was the only thing Marian could say.

"Welcome to the Eastern Headquarters. I believe commander Lemieux
wants to meet you soon. Or he'll just send someone else to meet you.
Come, our room is nearby."

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